Jupiter is always shown as younger, rounded or large, big in his outlook – and big, all round. Landlords. Youth culture. October 13th – Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 23 Virgo, Riots in Paris Bring Victory for Working People in France. The good news is, in 2020 the South Node of helpful karma goes into Sagittarius which rules foreign people and places. These have been angry days. It can sometimes be the person opposite you in a feud or dispute. Does he symbolise the return of the Catholic church and it’s power with this conjunction? Lot of lies behind my back and other employees have been treated badly. One degree away. Asteroids which complete the family tree of astrology that began with Mercury, Venus, Mars and the rest are essential. A similar trajectory to the Pandemic Yod in the Age of Aqr progressed chart. Please just go elsewhere with your conspiracy crap. Your enemy. Thank you in advance if you have the time to look at this for me as I realise you get thousands of requests. My plan certainly fits your suggestion, don’t you think? Hey Jessica! On February 2nd, the German army surrendered to the Russians at Stalingrad. How does this period affect my career as I have another 10 years to go. 9:57:19 Paris . Maybe online is a Gemini thing which case it is NN. 2020 is a hugely important year for you, as you have Jupiter (growth, expansion, outreach, benefits) in your Tenth House of success and status, at the same time that the South Node is reminding you – you were born to teach and study – and you can do that formally or casually. Small minded, 20th century in outlook c 1985!! Days away. You  may have been messed around or mucked around. Hubby does not seem interested or convinced enough, but then for me, there is nothing left where I am at present. Astrology has taught me that there is always an end to it and the pain won’t last forever. Jupiter was in charge of the whole world. Cancer rules patriotism, nationalism, race, culture, history, heritage, housing and land. There are a few ‘birth’ charts for Australia. Even if you stay put you will find you have massive choices about people from Europe, the United Kingdom, the Americas and Australasia – all swirling around you. He was born lucky, or privileged, or fortunate. He is always bearded. It’s not appropriate for you. Do you have other plans? I feel that Placidus house system explains my natal planet positions and my character better than natural house system (Capricorn – 10H). Edward Higgins White 0°21′, Nathan Lane 0°26′, Arsenio Hall 0°27′, Bill Gates 0°34′, Johnny Rotten 0°48′, Michael Stich 0°56′, Nevil Maskelyne 1°00′, Leopold Stokowski 1°03′, Whoopi Goldberg 1°07′, Mick Jagger 1°12′, Louis Braille 1°14′, Bjorn Borg 1°14′, Martha Graham 1°30′, Marshall Applewhite 1°36′, Jim Jones 2°06′, Mohandas Gandhi 2°31′, Mel Gibson 2°43′. Then I have Jupiter in 22deg Aries and Mercury at 22deg in Libra. Date 7.17.2020, summarizes the power plays mirrored in the Jupiter-Pluto synodic, heliocentric conjunction July 31, 2020. Hi Jessica With MC 21° Capricorn 32′ 54″, Jupiter 19° Aries 23′ 48″ R and Nodes at 22° what sort of change can I expect next year? Januar 2020 aktiviert nun Jupiter den Pluto. Serious work, actually, with Saturn also going into your Eleventh House. The stress of unemployment has caused a lot of health issues and to the point of borrowing money twice to pay for healthcare. In order to get the most updated, relevant, modern astrology chart – you must include the asteroids. It is the end of total control in favour of a new world. Tenants or landladies. You are being strongly affected by Neptune which can make you feel at all at sea (he already is – he is floating in his own little world). You would feel massively better. I have numerous Capricorn factors in my chart and am a little confused as to the direction this is leading me. Justice. I never know what to expect with Uranus. The Tarot. Thanks again! Thanks for a great article, Nadia. Also, not feeling yourself – feeling very angry. Any opposition to your grand plans can make you more determined to force your will onto others, using any tactics you deem as necessary. Essentially, you will be personally affected by massive transformations – to everybody’s benefit – in the corporate, business and government world. Big business. in what house?). The … People born in the 1990’s who are old enough to be your children. That means getting a spaceship over there and trying to communicate and connect in a way that makes him feel you understand him. The legalisation of gay and lesbian marriage? The Suez Crisis – The United Nations and United States Win. Uranus Pluto in Konjunktion, Sextil, Quadrat, Trigon, Opposition Uranus Pluto Konjunktion. The will. Get online and stay online. Aries – Career. Your husband is the problem. I don’t know if you believe in Buddha, God or another higher power, but I would light a candle and pay for help if I were you. Double acts. It is vital that you get the right professional to do the search. I’m sorry 2019 has been so tough for you. The clock and calendar only show linear time, so they are unsuitable for prediction. I am hoping that we will succeed in turning things around in the health care/natural medicine of the U.S. My son was recently diagnosed with a medical issue that ;may go away but has potential to be life threatening and we are exploring this as we wait to see results. One of their brands is non-gender-stereotype leadership. Please advice. There needs to be a huge shift with the communication (obvious from December 2020 in particular) as you go into the Jupiter and Saturn cycle in Aquarius in your Eleventh House of friendships and people power. Pallas Athena is also associated with protection. If you have any two, the third can be calculated. I am Capricorn, but my Saturn is in Aquarius (3H in Placidus system). Pluto in Capricorn is the trigger here, so you are going to see demotions, promotions, mergers, sideways moves within your chosen field which have an impact on your position or project for 2020. The United Kingdom has a few charts. Forgiving and far-sighted. I read the part above for each sign, although I don’t have my own children or any around me at all. Jupiter Konjunktion Stigende. You are almost there but you need to own your astrology and make it work for you. I experienced bullying from my husband between 2011and 2014, now ex, and at work from 2015, significantly early In the year through spring and the last 4 months have been horrendous. People dig in. The generation gap. Your face. The chart set for Japan, founded on 11th February 1889 at 12.00pm (no time) in Tokyo for the Meiji Constitution, shows Neptune at 29 Taurus. She was also ‘born’ on 7th November 1917, at 11.12pm, with Neptune at 7 Leo. The conjunction between Jupiter, the benefactor with the big vision and Saturn, confronting us with obstacles and problems along the way we have to get ready. This goes into the Dutch as well, beyond the first Africans and owners of the land. Age is no barrier to future employment and in fact it’s online for you. Phase shifted to Signs where Venus is in extremis. Get online and stay online. And make it real. Further ahead 2021, 2022, 2023 change your life for the better as you follow a group (people power!) We can’t always square our home computer with other factors! It is extremely important that you realise you are all coming from the same place, ideologically or intellectually. That is dreadful. Put them together in Capricorn and it is about politics. Write down everything you feel and get rid of it. Let’s look at Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions and what they have delivered in the past, all the way back to the last war. We now have Uranus (the revolt or rebellion) in Taurus (the bull). there is karma there …. You have been through this with your husband and your ex. You’d expect a direct hit and we have one. Saturn is traditionally shown as a miserable older male, pained by life, thwarted by karma, with a clock by his side – showing the slow passing of his years. It is unusual, not normal, and will be out of your life completely by 2023, with massive improvements from December 2019, December 2020. You need this long pause before you take action, especially in terms of the family, your roots, place in the world and direction. Selfishness, greed, jealousy, or revenge should definitely not be your motivation. Gemini – Family money. Resentment. One person in the group in particular is wobbly, wavering or in question. Time to get real and get angry. She filed a bogus complaint. Before 2010 i knew little about narcissism and the construct of bully behaviour. Journalism and broadcasting. Leo – Your doctor. While I experienced Plutonians and Saturnians everywhere over the last couple of years, I’ve felt a bubbling sense of hope and excitement. Thank you. Alternatively, you would use what you know, and whatever qualifications you have, to be the voice of wisdom for others. Love. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); New Moon January 13, 2021 – Soul Evolution, https://www.zerohedge.com/health/robert-f-kennedy-jr-exposes-bill-gates-vaccine-agenda-scathing-report, https://swprs.org/a-swiss-doctor-on-covid-19/, https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/swiss-policy-research/, Full Moon December 29, 2020 – Welcome Change, New Moon December 14, 2020 – Solar Eclipse, Moon Conjunct Midheaven Natal and Transit, Jupiter Conjunct Saturn – The Great Conjunction. The class system, bottom to top. I have offered to help further in 2020 to help. Find a meditation or yoga practise that connects your sacral or base chakra to the earth. What people say about you online. The atmosphere of 2019 was dominated by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, and the South Node too. Then choose. There is another group going, going, gone – and that’s the uber Capricorn people in their twenties or thirties who are trying to take shortcuts for success and elbowing anything or anybody in their path. Just one degree away. Another question- or topic rather…I recently read an article about “yods” in the birth chart. Jupiter opposite Pluto in the natal chart creates incredible dynamism that can result in great achievements and a name to be remembered. WOW! I am also very involved in my church, and become much closer to God these last few years. If your personal birth chart does show factors at the degrees I’m talking about in this forecast, please do use your guidebooks and exclusive features, as a Premium Member, to decode your horoscope. You are going to see Jupiter repeatedly beat Pluto in 2020, as Saturn also beats a retreat. It’s yours. This is also connected to your sexuality, but that’s another story. Thank you. Equilibrium. The pyramid. Is this relevant to these conjunctions? The tightrope act for two. Free gifts and complimentary perks. The three big D’s of any Jupiter-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn! Wikipedia. We aren’t due till 2022 for another election, so I’m interested in how our climate denying government is going to go.. I’m sorry about your family dramas over the last 10 years Sharlene. DinP xx. Once it is there, invest. February 8th – Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 27 Leo, June 16th – Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 26 Leo, Stalin Denounced in the USSR: Glasnost/Perestroika Follows. On the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction at 28 Scorpio we find Japan’s coalition government collapsing. If not the immediate family, then certainly through one’s roots, heritage, family tree, history, culture and heritage. In terms of the end of bullies – I am involved in garbage litigation with my ex-business partner which we hope will end soon, and at my new position, there is a female subordinate who doesn’t want to work hard and I suspect has a sexist attitudes towards how women should act (I’m a direct communicator who does not hesitate to ask for what I want). If you can help me, I would like to know what could happen when this conjunction and Saturn touch my Dsc? Think about a second language skill – you are barmy if you don’t have one – it’s free to learn and your next job could depend upon it, even if it is basic Spanish or Japanese. Your banks or building societies. But on the plus side – I am letting go of a lot of things. Diamond mines. The Shades. The establishment. Pluto v konjunkci, sextilu nebo trigonu s Neptunem. Money is the most important thing of all between now and the end of 2020 and you need to see it, access it and get it – before you begin thinking about taking your son away from his father and beginning life as a single parent back in your home country. Læs om påvirkningerne for i dag, i morgen og i går. I have several factors in sag and cap as well as gem asc and I am really wondering what is going to happen the next years with the nodes shifting and and the cap conjunctions – i recently had my saturn return paired with a split (saturn on the entrance of my 7th :-/ – now in my 8th) i am still in contact with my ex partner, but there is someone knew (I know him since school – year 2000 btw – but he kind of feels like too hard to grasp for me – still i haven’t been able to end this yet) and i still kind of feel like confused – not only in matters of the heart, since my SR it felt like a breakdown of my whole identity which somehow i still haven’t fully recovered from – also in relation to work and study etc. You’re not defined by the system either. @DeniseDT Alas it will be darker than that, Denise.... @rachsmithjourno I have had similar issues with my chicken, Rachel.

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