See your My Map. Follow the steps given below to increase Google Maps navigation volume on your iPhone or iPad. This article explains how to view your location history using data from Google Maps or data from your iPhone's location services. Alternatively, you can switch to using Google Maps without an Account: In the app, tap your profile pic in the top right. Google Maps latest version: An indispensable guide to the world. The maps application included with iPhone and iPad does a great job at navigation and 3D maps, but the data is displays can sometimes be out of date. Google user. Tip: Learn how to navigate to places on your custom maps. However, if you own an iPhone, learning more about the differences between Google Maps and Apple Maps will help you choose the best navigation app for your needs. Jan 2020 Update on Google Maps for iOS users. It’s also missing Street View – a popular feature from Google that enables you to see the world up-close. Download Google Maps from the App Store. Google Maps is also available from any web browser by going to, which isn’t an option with Apple Maps. Truth be told, the … At the bottom, tap Maps. Google Maps for iPhone, free and safe download. Sign in and open the Google Maps app . While using the App. Google also announced the new Augmented reality based navigation in 2019 but it did not open it up for iPhone users in any significant way. View Your Google Location History . Launch Google Maps on your iPhone or iPad. Step #3. As Google celebrates 15 years of Google Maps, here are some of our latest feature items on Google Maps that you may have missed. For years it lived on every Apple device as one of the few non-Apple apps pre-installed on the phone. Enter the destination in “Search here” field. Tap the map. Thankfully there’s a brilliant app from Google that brings all of these features back. Apple Maps and Google Maps both feature very similar designs. Step #1. Original Poster. Apple Maps vs. Google Maps: Interface. Tap Saved . recommended this. Google Maps for iOS provides an unrivaled way to find your way around using your mobile phone. Maps vs. Maps … Although Apple has removed the ability to switch from Apple Maps to a third party map app as default, there’re relevant solutions according to different operating systems of iPhone. Google Maps started as the only navigation option on iOS for iPhone. 1:16. Create and edit a My Map. Although you can access Apple Maps online if you search using DuckDuckGo. tap the down arrow next to your name/email address. After misguided by Apple Maps at some time, iPhone users gradually love third party map apps like Google Maps. iPhone instructions cover iOS 12 and later. The Bottom Line. Step #2. To create and edit custom maps, open My Maps in your web browser. marked this as an answer. select use maps without an account. If you've created a My Map, you can view it in the Google Maps app on your phone or tablet. Cortlin Polo. Use Google Maps on the iPhone to get directions to a specific location by tapping "Directions" on the map and entering the beginning and ending locations in the "Start" and "End" fields. How to Adjust Google Maps Guidance Volume on iPhone or iPad Method #1. Google Maps is the number one navigation app on both iPhones and CarPlay, despite Apple’s push for its very own Apple Maps.