Dr Bayes, Graham Henry, is a healthcare practitioner, specializing as a Orthopedic Surgeon. katrin.bayerle@jura.uni-muenchen.de, Sprechstunde: Startseite; Dashboard; Hilfe Über Moodle Häufig gestellte Fragen Einstieg in Moodle Anleitungen Neues in Moodle Kontakt. klinika-ghc-praha. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michaela Maria Bayerle-Eder 2016 Liebe Kollegen und interessierte Leserschaft ich möchte auf diesem Weg nochmals alle Kollegen zum Sexualmedizinischem Symposium im Wiener AKH einladen und freue mich auf ihr Kommen. Zentrale Studienfachkoordination (Münchner Examenstraining) und Beratung zur individuellen Prüfungsvorbereitung, insbesondere Methodik des Klausurenschreibens, Raum: Aktuality: Ve dnech 9. The Los Angeles city newspapers generally only publish obituaries for well-known citizens. the History of Modern Philosophy, Professor of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy, Chair of Economic and Organisational Psychology, Chair of Psychological Methodology and Assessment, Chair of General Educational Sciences / Education and Socialization Research, Professor of Education with a focus on Qualitative Research Methods and Historical Socialization Research, Chair of Clinical Psychology and Psychological Psychotherapy, Chair of Educational Science and Educational Psychology, Professor for Psychology of Excellence in Business and Education, Professor of Learning Sciences Research Methodologies, Chair of Education and Learning Disabilities Research, Professor of Primary School Pedagogy and Didactics, Chair of Education for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired, Chair of Special Education (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities), Professor of Psychology of Early Childhood Development and Education, Chair of Personality and Educational Psychology, Professor of Psychology of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, Professor of Experimental Neuro-Cognitive Psychology, Professor of Education with a focus on Youth Research, Professor of Late Ancient History and the History of Byzantine Art, Professor of Egyptian Archaeology and Art History, Professor of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Professor of East Asian Religion and Philosophy, Chair of Prehistory and Early Medieval History, Professor of Ancient Oriental Studies with a focus on Ancient Anatolia, Professor of Archaeology of the Roman Provinces, Professor of Prehistory and Early Medieval History, Chair of Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology, Professor of European Ethnology and Cultural Analysis, Chair of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Professor of Prehistoric Archaeology with special focus on the Pre- and Protohistory in the eastern Mediterranean, Professor of French and Spanish Linguistics, Chair of Historical and Indo-European Linguistics, Professor of English Media Education and Applied Linguistics, Chair of Phonetics and Speech Signal Processing, Professor of North American Cultural History, with special emphasis on Empirical Cultural Studies and Cultural Anthropology, Professor of Classical Language and Literature Education, Professor of Modern German Literary Studies, Chair for Literary Theory and Comparative Literature with a focus on Romance Literatures, Chair of English Linguistics and Medieval Literature, Chair of Teaching English as a Foreign Language / English Language Education, Professor of Romance Philology (Linguistics), Chair of North American Cultural History with special emphasis on Politics and Social History and on Transatlantic Relations, Chair of Slavonic Philology and Literature, Professor of English Literature with a focus on New Literatures in English/Postcolonial Studies, Chair of Early Modern English Literature and Shakespeare Studies, Chair of German Linguistics with a focus on German as a Foreign Language, Professor of German as a Foreign Language with focus on the Theory and Media of Language and Culture Education, Professor of Didactics of the German Language and Literature, Professor of Information and Language Processing, Chair of Slavic Linguistics, with special emphasis on East Slavic (Russian) and West Slavic Languages, Chair of Romance Philology, with special emphasis on French and Spanish Literature as well as Medieval Romance Philology, Chair of Romance Philology and Literature Studies, Chair of Sociology with a focus on Quantitative Methods of Social Research, Chair for Empirical Communication Research, Chair of Sociology with an emphasis on Institutions and Organizations, Chair of Political Science with emphasis on Political Systems and European Integration, Chair of Communication with a focus on journalism research, Chair of Political Science with a focus on Empirical Political Theory, Chair of Sociology with an emphasis on Social Developments and Structures, Professor of Social Sciences Studies of Eastern Europe, Professor of General and Systematic Communication Studies, Chair of Communication Science with a focus on Media Change, Chair of Communication with a focus on Communication Theories, Media Systems and Communication Policies, Chair of Communication Science with a focus on Political Communication, Chair of Comparative Political Systems with a focus on CIS and Eastern Middle Europe, Professor of Communication, with an emphasis on Computational Journalism, Chair of Empirical Political Research and Policy Analysis, Professor of Sociology with a focus on Qualitative Empirical Social Research Methods, Chair of Sociology with a focus on Gender Studies, Chair of Political Science with a focus on Global Governance and Public Policy, Chair of Informatics with emphasis on Software and Computational Systems Engineering, Professor of Statistics with Special Emphasis on Computational Statistics, Professor for Bioinformatics / Complex Biological Networks, Chair of Statistics and its Applications in Economics, Business and Social Science, Chair of Computer Science - Mobile and Distributed Systems, Chair of Econometrics, Financial Econometrics and Statistics, Junior Professor of Stochastic Methods in Financial and Insurance Sciences, Chair of Informatics with emphasis on Database Systems, Chair of Didactics of Mathematics and Informatics, Chair of Practical Informatics with a focus on Bioinformatics, Professor of Theoretical Physics - Statistical and Biological Physics, Professor of Extra Dimensions in Particle Physics and Cosmology (Theory), Professor of Remote Sensing and Radiative Transfer, Chair for Theoretical Physics - Particle Physics, Professor of Theoretical Particle Physics and the Early Universe, Junior Professor of Experimental Physics - Nano Science, Professor of Molecular Imaging and Bionanotechnology, Professor of Experimental Physics - Few Cycle Petawatt Laser Sources, Professor of Experimental Physics (Atomic Physics and X-Ray Physics), Professor of Experimental Physics - Elementary Particle Physics, Professor of Experimental Physics - Condensed Matter Physics, Professor of Theoretical Physics - Mathematical Physics, Chair of Astrophysics - Cosmology and Structure Formation, Professor of Theoretical Quantum Optics and Quantum Information Theory, Chair of Experimental Physics - Medical Physics, Profesor for Theoretical Physics in the Area of Functional Nanosystems, Professor of Observational Astronomy and Astrophysics, Professor of Theoretical Physics - Condensed Matter, Professor of Experimental Physics: Laser-Driven Ion Acceleration, Professor of the Theory of Microscopic Electron Dynamics and Electron-Light Interactions, Professor of Physics (Experimental Quantum Optics), Professor of Experimental Physics - Physics with Nanosystems, Professor of Observational Astrophysics with a focus on Dark Energy Research, Professor for Bioinorganic Chemistry/Coordination Chemistry, Professor of Theoretical Physical Chemistry, Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics, Professor of Inorganic Solid-State Chemistry, Professor of Physical Chemistry, Biophysical Chemistry, Chair of Chemical Biology and Chemical Genetics, Chair of Pharmaceutical Biology - Biotechnology, Chair of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics, Professor of Theoretical Organic Chemistry, Professor of Genetics of organismic Interaction, Professor of Evolutionary and Functional Genomics, Professor of Functional Morpholoy of Animals, Professor of Physical Geography with Emphasis on Soil Geography, Chair of Geography and Geographical Remote Sensing, Professor of Social Geography with emphasis on Sustainability Research, Chair of Structure Research of Inorganic and Biogenic Geomaterials, Chair of Economic Geography and Tourism Research, Professor of Geosciences - Geological Earth Surface Processes, Professor for Economic Geography with a focus on Sustainability Research, Professor of Clinical-Pulmonary Epidemiology, Professor of Multimodal Imaging of Sensorimotor Systems, Professor of Lung Epithelial Cell Plasticity, Professor of Anesthesiology with special focus on Experimental Anesthesiology, Professor of Neurosurgery with focus on Clinical Neurophysiology, Professor of Cognitive Disorders and the Vestibular Systems. General Practitioner (GP) Spoken languages . +49 (0)89 / 2180 - 2701 Ordination OMR Dr. Karl Bayerl Zwettlertraße 12o, 3920 Groß-Gerungs . Adrian Egli, MD PhD CV and Major Scientific Achievements Page 3 Major Scientific Achievements in the last 5 Years The rapid detection of pathogens is an important first step in the epidemiological work-up of a fast evolving transmission chain. Josef Maurer. Nephropathy and Hypertension, Professor of Pediatric Palliative Medicine, Professor for Theoretical and Experimental Biology in Otorhinolaryngology / Ear, Nose and Throat Medicine, Professor of Neurosurgical Research with a focus on Neurooncology, Professor for Epidemiology of Vertigo, Balance and Ocular Motor Disorders, Professor of Pediatric Cardiology and Congenital Heart Defects, Professor of Experimental and Molecular Pathology, Chair of Molecular Musculoskeletal Research, Chair of Operative and Conservative Dentistry, Chair of Internal Medicine with a focus on Hematology and Oncology, Professor of Global Health & Infectious Diseases, Professor of Lipidology and Metabolic Desease, Professor of Clinical Chemistry and Functional Genetics, Professor of Translational Apoptosis Research in Pediatric Oncology, Professor of Dental Radiology and Surgery, Chair of Neurosciences and Clinical Neuroimmunology, Professor for Translational Pathology of Tumors, Professor of Pneumology - Airway Inflammation and Obstruction, Professor of Neurobiological Research in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Professor of Neurodiagnostic Applications in Psychiatry, Professor for the Physiology of Adult Neurogenesis, Professor of Operative and Conservative Dentistry, Professor of Molecular Oncology with a focus on Radiooncology, Professor of Internal Medicine and Clinical-Analytical Epidemiology of Cardiovascular Diseases, Chair of Ethics, History and Theory of Medicine, Chair of Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Chair of Großtierforschung in der translationalen Medizin, Professor of gene therapy of eye diseases, Professor of Molecular Toxicology and Pharmacology, Professor of Regeneration and Plasticity of the CNS, Chair of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Professor of Psychiatric Translational Research in Dementia, Professor in Experimental Stroke Research, Professor of Molecular Neurobiology and Animal Models of Psychiatric Diseases, Professor of Biochemistry of Neurodegenerative Diseases, Professor for Experimental Vascular Medicine, Chair of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Chair of Psychiatric Phenomics and Genomics, Professor of Internal Medicine - Rheumatology, Professor for Research in Neuromuscular Diseases, Professor of Internal Medicine - Diabetology, Professor of Clinical Pathobiochemistry and Pathophysiology, Professor of Physiology - Physiology of Microcirculation, Professor for Medical Microbiology and Hygiene, Professor of Neurology with a focus on Clinical Neurophysiology, Professor of Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology, Professor of Internal Medicine with special Focus on Cellular Immunotherapy, Chair of of Medical Microbology and Hospital Hygiene, Chair of Laboratory Medicine (Clinical Chemistry), Chair of General, Visceral und Transplantation Surgery, Professor of Lab Animals and Functional Genome Analysis, Professor of Biotechnology in Small Animal Reproductive Medicine, Chair of Animal Welfare, Ethology, Animal Hygiene and Animal Housing, Chair of Equine Medicine and Reproduction, Chair of Internal Medicine of Small Animals, Professor of Udder Science and Livestock Management, Professor of Clinical and Comparative Neuropathology, Chair for Fish Diseases und Fishing Biology, Chair of Palaeoanatomy and the History of Veterinary Medicine, Chair of Veterinary Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmacy, Professor of Molecular and Experimental Pathology, Chair of Molecular Animal Breeding and Biotechnology, Chair of Physiology and Reproductive Pathology, Chair of Didactics of History and Public History, Chair of European History of the 19th and 20th Century, Professor of Eastern and South Eastern European History, Professor of Art History, with special emphasis on Modern and Contemporary Art History, Professor of Auxiliary Historical Sciences and Historical Media Studies, Professor of History of Art in the Early Modern Period with a focus on religious images in Europe, Chair of Medieval History with a focus on the Early and High Middle Ages, Professor of Acient and Medieval Jewish History and Culture, Professor of Early Modern History, specialising in Western European History, Professor of Medieval and Early Modern History of Russia/East Central Europe, Professor of Art History, with special emphasis on Bavarian Art History, Chair of Bavarian History and Comparative Regional History, with special emphasis on Modern History, Chair of Ancient History with a focus on social and economic history, Chair of European History of the 19th and 20th centuries, Chair of Art History, with special emphasis on Italian Art History, Chair of the History of the Ancient Near and Middle East, Professor of Theatre Studies and Music Theatre, Professor of Art History, with special emphasis on Medieval Art History, Chair for Bavarian and Comparative Regional History with a special focus on the Middle Ages, Chair of Late Ancient and Arabic Philosophy, Chair of Philosophy, esp.

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