If your study plan and master program allows it, you can reapply for a stay abroad. Due to possible changes in the course portfolio at the partner university, the recommendations are not a guarantee for credit transfer. Bachelor programmes; Minors and electives; Master programmes; Exchange students; Research. Note that the ECTS credits you have received for the courses you attended abroad will not automatically be transferred to WU. Find out if there is an Alumni Hub close to your partner university and attend Alumni events. At the same time, it also helps you to sublet your room or apartment during a stay abroad. Oregon Executive MBA. Most of them can be completed in one year. Rankings at a glance Please note that applications must be submitted a year in advance. The policy below regards ordinary purchases, unless otherwise specified. t: +43 1 313 36 5004 e: international@wu.ac.at w: www.wu.ac.at. The required amount varies depending on the university. Financial aid: Please note that you can only receive a scholarship if you spend your exchange period physically at the partner university! ... WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien Rektorat Welthandelsplatz 1, Building AD 1020 Vienna Austria. Transcripts of Records are usually sent directly to the International Office and your coordinator. Ms. Lan WU 烏蘭女士 Research Student < Back to Lists Working toward a PhD in Laws, expected 2023 Email: lanwu@link.cuhk.edu.hk Thesis Topic Legal regime for wind and solar power access to electricity networks: a comparative analysis of the EU and China, co-supervised by … More Questions? If you are looking for more detailed information before the session, please click here. Order Today And Enjoy 55% Off a Master Wu Soulmate Drawing. Western Union Business Solutions is a business unit of The Western Union Company. Detailed information regarding the pre-recognition process and the Learning Agreement for the Erasmus+ grant, which also has to be requested online, can be found here. Our partner universities have different profiles and specialize in certain fields. To select an exchanger, you may want to check its reserves and reviews. On master’s level, WU offers an international network comprising about 130 partner universities worldwide. European Business School Rankings 2020 View full ranking. Learn more about the study programmes Wageningen University & Research offers in the fields of life, social and environmental sciences. As soon as you have received the registration forms and the Letter of Acceptance from the partner university (US universities also require the DS-2019 form, and Russian universities an invitation letter), you can apply for a visa at the appropriate consular authority in Vienna. WU master’s and WU bachelor’s transcript (Sammelzeugnis, is automatically generated). If the partner university of your choice is recommended for your program, you will be given priority during the selection process over students of programs for which the university in question is not explicitly recommended. The Western Union Online Service is offered by Western Union International Bank GmbH in conjunction with Western Union International Limited. Want to Study in the Best Schools Abroad? Particular focuses of the master’s programs for the sequence of applicants. Before your stay abroad, please ask your coordinator at the partner university whether your transcript will be issued automatically or whether you’ll have to specifically request it. Courses which have been cleared for credit transfer in advance are indicated in the credit transfer online database published by Study Regulations & Credit Transfer. Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (WU) Fall 2016/2017 Preparing for the e xchan g e I decided to go on exchange in the beginning of my master’s programme so I was mentally ready for the paperwork, having gone on exchange during bachelor’s before. Example of the determination of the total score. Disruptions that may be caused by any future lockdowns are no concern with this learning format. Contribute to exchange12rocks/WU development by creating an account on GitHub. If you are looking for an MBA, executive courses or Masters in business topics, help us redesign the ranking experience. Some countries require special travel and/or health insurance. To travel to Canada for a stay of up to six months, students with Austrian citizenship do not need a student visa. This website uses cookies for analytical purposes for optimizing our systems and to improve your user experience. Das akademische Jahr beginnt im Frühjahr. In addition, students of the master’s program Strategy, Innovation, and Management Control have the opportunity to apply for a special exchange semester with a focus on entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School. We recommend contacting the International Office’s grant office when applying for a semester abroad, so there is enough time to prepare the application as well as possible. Just provide your email & follow the instructions in the E-mail notification WU will have sent you. 21.80-0.25 (-1.13%) At close: 4:04PM EST. Dive deeper with interactive charts and top stories of THE WESTERN UNION COMPANY. These meetings are intended to make your return easier and provide you with information on important things you need to do once you’re back in Vienna. Pro Jahr ein Platz für ein Jahr oder zwei Plätze für je ein Semester. Language certificate: Some partner universities require a language test such as TOEFL or IELTS, an EBC certificate, or a confirmation about the language of instruction of your program. Wageningen University & Research participates in the Erasmus+ programme and holds an Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education. All students who have completed an exchange semester organized by the International Office are required to write a report on their experiences, including an evaluation of the courses taken. ¹ Western Union also makes money from currency exchange. An official withdrawal is necessary to apply for another exchange. Semester dates: Please note that WU’s “summer semester” is often called something else in other countries, e.g. Please be cautious when looking for accomodation through inofficial channels! However, some programs have to be completed entirely at WU. In comparison with all other universities in Austria WU has this fresh vibe combined with years of experience and wisdom. The amount of this financial support is not fixed, but based on the actual additional financial burden caused by a student’s disability, illness, or care responsibilities.Eligible students who wish to apply must communicate their status when applying for an Erasmus+ grant, at the latest. Building 58 Van der Maasweg 9 2629 HZ Delft T: +31 (0)15 27 89806 Contact and accessibility Map and Buildings. Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) America’s largest regional interstate tuition savings program. The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) enables students in 16 Western states and territories to enroll at participating public colleges and universities outside of their home state and pay reduced tuition. Please contact your regional coordinator at the International Office immediately in such cases. Nevertheless, we explicitly encourage students to apply for partner universities that are recommended by your master’s program. The academic program will be taught by a team of WU's Institute for Strategy, Technology and Organization, which is headed by Prof. Christopher Lettl. WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business), CATÓLICA-LISBON School of Business & Economics, MSc Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Export and Internationalization Management, Personnel Development and In-House Training Programs, Personnel Development Services for Administrative Staff, Personnel Development Services for Academic Staff, Personal Development Services for WU Management, Personnel Development Services for WU Professors, Further Services for WU Faculty and Staff, Sign­ing up for and drop­ping courses and ex­am­s. Appropriate proof will be required. Exchange reports by former exchange studentsAll students who complete a semester abroad through the International Office fill in an exchange report, which can be accessed by future exchange students online. We will share the best pictures on our account @wuinternationaloffice. Wie sind die Semesterzeiten? Websites of the partner universitiesOn the websites of our partner universities, potential incomings can familiarize themselves with the course catalog or housing possibilities. Please click this link for further information on grants. WU’s roughly 2,100 employees are working continuously to further improve teaching and research quality and campus life in all relevant areas. Housing Anywhere allows you to search for housing opportunities in your host country. Interbank rates collected from x-rates.com on 06/27/2017. The Vienna Innovation ProgramWU takes place every year in May and builds on WU faculty’s expertise in Innovation Management. Fees, foreign exchange rates, and taxes may vary by brand, channel, and location based on a number … Please note: Make sure to specify exactly the "type of task" for which you want to authorize your person of trust. Course selection at the partner university. Exchange Perfect Money USD to WU USD. After suffering several losses to Yang Kai due to his attempt to invade and consume Heng Luo Star Field for his own benefit, Wu Heng would develop a deep hatred for the former. Western Union’s exchange rate was collected from Western Union's website on 06/27/2017. For WU students, this course is free of charge, except for diverse social activities, which are optional but highly recommended. Master – Nominated outgoing students for the summer semester 2021 and the winter semester 2021/22: Due to COVID-19, it is currently not possible to predict if and under which conditions an international exchange can take place. When selecting courses, note that the credits must be transferred towards your WU program after your return, so you will receive a mobility grant. The following risks of a renewed later application due to COVID-19 are pointed out: There may be a delay in your studies. Click here for a template of a medical report. If you cannot provide the necessary language certificate, you will lose your exchange place. Here you can find all information needed for an exchange semester on master's level. The authorized person has to bring the following documents: photocopy of the student's ID (photo ID/student ID). In the course of the mandatory Grants and Credit Transfer Session, which takes place before your exchange semester, you will receive all necessary information and documents. But also find out where you can find essential information about application deadlines, studying at the university and student life in Wageningen. Walking from booth to booth, as is customary during a fair,... Exchange fair Go Global International Office Internationalität Study abroad . Size, location, and structure of the campus play an important role for many outgoing students. Please note that psychological counseling services are available for students returning from their stay abroad. Represent WU at your host university’s exchange fair. He has also taught at the University of Vienna and Peking University, and worked as an IPA financial economist for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. View the latest WU stock quote and chart on MSN Money. If you are a citizen of an EU member state, the health insurance provided by your home country is usually sufficient. Due to the courses required in the various degree programs, some partner universities are better suited for an exchange semester than others. Please use our interactive map to find out which universities are recommended for your master’s program. Services in the US are provided by Western Union Business Solutions (USA), LLC (NMLS ID: 907333; MA MT license #: FT0041) (referred to as “WUBS” or “Western Union Business Solutions”). Double degree programs (Bachelor & Master), International Summer Universities (ISUs) 2021, Internationalization at home (Bachelor & Master), International experiences at WU and abroad, Consulting services at the International Office, Suitability of master’s programs for a semester abroad, Suitable partner universities according to master’s programs, During your stay at the partner university, special exchange semester with a focus on entrepreneurship, can be accessed by future exchange students online, explicitly or optionally recommend a semester abroad, Alumni Hub close to your partner university, Sign­ing up for and drop­ping courses and ex­am­s. The partner university or the International Office will provide you with further details and the documents required for this process. Our flagship is the MSc in International Management / CEMS for the very best students with a 18-month duration. Strategy, Innovation and Management Control. Click here for a template for a financial statement/bank letter. For a complete listing of US state licensing, click here. You have to submit a form for credit transfer towards your WU program to the Study Regulations & Credit Transfer Office, located in the Study Service Center in the LC building, on level 2. Library & Learning Center, level 4 Welthandelsplatz 1, 1020 Vienna, Tel: +43-1-31336-4310 E-Mail: wuio@wu.ac.at, Tel: +43-1-31336-5553 E-Mail: katrin.korber@wu.ac.at, Tel: +43-1-31336-5341 E-Mail: isabella.weber@wu.ac.at. Information on housing opportunities and services is provided by the partner universities. The program builds on a combination of lecture elements, case analyses, class discussions, exercises, and group work. Degree-seeking students are … Please note that applications must be submitted a year in advance. In order to avoid this, please consider this when planning and scheduling your studies. Vallendar is located in the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a 65km stretch of the 1,230km Rhine River. If two or more applicants are at draw level after the determination of the total scores, the student who will receive the exchange place is picked at random. To find out which universities require such tests and how many points are needed, please see the info sheets on our website or ask your IO regional coordinator. As explained below, the exchange reports by former exchange students provide a good source of information on these issues. However, some programs have to be completed entirely at WU. An enticing social program is also available for all students. WU's academic programs are characterized by the diversity and quality of the program portfolio, internationality, and close ties to the business community. Personal consultation: Please make an appointment in advance by phone or email! Over 23,000 students from 110 countries are currently studying at WU and preparing themselves for a successful career in business or academics. It is very important that you pay your Students’ Union (ÖH) dues during your exchange semester, otherwise you will be disenrolled from your academic program. Pre-recognition notice and Learning Agreement. Reviews; Personalized Custom Drawing quantity. As soon as the credit transfer process has been completed, a copy of your notification of credit transfer must be submitted to the International Office. Compiled by Jeffrey Kinkley (former PSSCA Secretary) Published February 2019. An exchange semester should be completed by all or at least a large percentage of all students. Zum Vernetzen anmelden WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) Dieses Profil melden Berufserfahrung Exchange Coordinator WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business) Sehen Sie sich Christiane Dietrichs vollständiges Profil an. The entire application process takes place online and is only accessible during the application periods. Outbound students will only be allowed to travel to low-risk destinations in Europe. The information displayed on this site is subject to change at any time and we do not guarantee 100% accuracy of the information. In the second round, applicants in the second and third tertile are allocated. Campus-Center; Career-Center; PIASTA; AStA; Hochschulsport; Universitätsmusik; Familienbüro ; Sprachenzentrum; Allgemeinsprachen; Büro für die Belange von Studierenden mit Behinderungen oder chronischen Krankheiten; Weitere Einrichtungen. Info sheets and fact sheetsInfo sheets are compiled by WU and provide you with information. Team des Monats 06/20: Online WU Master's day 20.05.2020 "Ich wollte dort sein, wo man etwas fortentwickeln, gestalten, verändern kann." The Luiss Student Exchange Office promotes student exchanges within the Erasmus Program, as well as through bilateral exchange agreements with non-European universities. History of the Portland-Suzhou Sister City Association. And I mean it. Students enrolled in the master’s program Business Law have the opportunity to gain an additional qualification with the THEMIS program. Master Wirtschaftschemie: Prof. Dr. Leker . If the type of task is not specified accurately or missing completely your documents cannot be handed over. Students of the master's programs: Marketing. D5, 6th Floor, D5.6.082 Welthandelsplatz 1 1020 Vienna. Du bist mit deinen erworbenen Fähigkeiten als "Master of Science" in allen Branchen und öffentlichen Institutionen als ausgewiesene*r Expert*in begehrt. If your semester abroad gets cancelled and you exceed the prescribed duration of your study program including two extra semesters, tuition fees may be due. After you have been nominated for study exchange you may apply for an Erasmus+ grant. If your study plan and master's program allow it, you can reapply for a stay abroad. Information on these requirements is provided on the info sheets for the individual partner universities, which you can find on our interactive map of WU partner universities. Corresponding links can be found in the info and fact sheets. In Europe, the full workload equals courses worth 30 ECTS credits, overseas, please take into account the requirements of a full workload of the partner university in question. * Western Union also makes money from currency exchange. CV in English (for master’s programs in English language) or German language (for programs in German language). We therefore recommend that you apply for a semester abroad in your first semester in order to be able to study at the partner university of your choice during your third semester. The WU master’s programs have issued recommendations for partner universities which are especially well-suited for an exchange semester. Master IS: Stefan Schellhammer . European Business School Rankings 2020 View full ranking. Apply for an exchange place at one of WU's numerous partner universities in North- or South-America, Asia, Africa, Australia, or New Zealand. Wu received his PhD in finance from the University of Vienna. You will be informed by email once the document is ready to be picked up at the Front Office which is usually 1-2 months after the end of the semester. The University of Oregon offers the two-year Oregon Executive Master of Business Administration (OEMBA) Program for employed mid- to senior-level executives. 1 . Financial aspects: Please don’t forget to consider financial aspects when choosing your partner universities, e.g. How fast is the students’ academic progress? The community of international managers of the WU Executive Club offers an exceptional opportunity for networking as well as the exchange of expertise and experience across diverse educational and business backgrounds. Share your experiences from your stay abroad with prospective outgoing students at our annual Go Global exchange fair and represent your host university! Send money on the go with the Western Union ® app. Online credit transfer databaseThe online credit transfer database provides you with a list of courses which were, in the past, completed abroad by WU students and transferred to their WU degree. Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) The mission the Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU) has defined for itself goes well beyond providing a high-quality education for the university’s over 22,000 students. This may affect students who are well advanced in their studies and have few opportunities for course recognition. Students can spend one semester at one of WU’s partner universities around the world through WU’s Exchange program. Info sheets and fact sheets can both be found on our map of partner universities. Western Washington University Education Abroad 516 High Street, Miller Hall 208 Bellingham, WA 98225-9094 E-mail: EdAbroad@wwu.edu Phone: + 1 360-650-3298 Fax: + 1 360-650-6572 View campus map. You must fill out the online application for the legally binding pre-recognition notice (Feststellungsbescheid) before you go abroad to clarify which courses taken at the partner university are eligible for credit transfer after you return to WU. The newly offered master’s can be taught 100% online thanks to WU’s state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. It provides information and assistance to all students participating in these study abroad programs. Please inquire about the applicable insurance requirements with the appropriate consulate. WU Alumni HubsWU graduates are found all over the world, also in cities with WU partner universities. The process may differ from university to university. Please fill it out as comprehensively as possible. View real-time stock prices and stock quotes for a full financial overview. Successful participants are awarded two academic degrees. Returns & Refunds. Master in Management (Betriebswirtschaft) Die MSc-Kursprogramme an der Wiener MODUL Universität bieten StudentInnen einen einzigartigen und fachübergreifenden Ansatz, mit Forschungsteams aus drei spezialisierten Abteilungen zusammen zu arbeiten: Management und öffentliche Verwaltung, Touristik, Hotel und Restaurant Management, Chemical Engineering. Interviews may be held by the master’s program director with the applicant for an exchange semester. Students with disabilities/chronic illnesses, as well as students with care responsibilities during a semester abroad, can apply for additional Erasmus+ funds when spending a semester in one of the Erasmus+ program countries. Meilenstein 4: Schritte NACH dem Auslandsaufenthalt. The following aspects should be considered when choosing a partner university: Is my degree program suitable for a semester abroad? Students of the MBA and Master of Laws programs can use the services already from day 1 of their studies and become life-time members upon graduation. WU’s roughly 2,100 employees are working continuously to further improve teaching and research quality and campus life in all relevant areas. Students with a non-business related bachelor who want to broaden their business knowledge will benefit from participating in our Master in Management. Students may apply for places at up to 7 universities, according to their personal preferences. In this round, the relevant parameters are the ranking by the program, the tertile-points, and the potential recommendation of a partner university. herauszufinden, welche gemeinsamen … In Europe, the full workload equals courses worth 30 ECTS credits. For the application period special programs one week after the application deadline. Tuition fees are also waived at the partner university. Chapter 74 Tao Te Ching (Dao De Jing) by Lao Tzu. Professor Wu’s main research interests are international finance and empirical asset pricing. Strategy, Innovation, and Management Control. WU was my first and only choice, since it was well known for its excellent and unique studying programs across Europe and even in Russia, where I am from. Following a directive from the Central Bank of Nigeria, as of 8 December, 2020, money transfers to Nigeria will only be paid out in USD. Wu Vienna MiM program is tie-up with CEMS and is amongst the most sought in the world. If you are not an EU citizen, be sure to arrange for the necessary insurance coverage well in advance. Choose from rankings list Prev. Yangru Wu is Professor of Finance and Economics, and the Director of the Master of Quantitative Finance Program (MQF) at Rutgers Business School. WHU is proud to welcome many international Bachelor and Master exchange students to Vallendar each year. Please note that some partner universities require an additional, possibly expensive, health insurance. Most partner universities have additional requirements, you need to fulfill. To view detailed information on the respective universities, click on the pins. An exchange semester is optional. By clicking on "Close" or continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to the use of cookies. The decision of students who decide against a stay abroad because of their reservations is accepted as a withdrawal. 200 Austauschstudierende an der WU empfangen werden. Concerning this topic, We advise you to read the info sheets and the exchange reports by former WU outgoing students. To get started, download the Western Union ® app. Students are expected to take a full workload at the partner university during their semester abroad. Pay in your local currency and we will deliver your funds directly to your institution - with no hidden charges or bank fees from Western Union. Study in a truly international environment and lay the foundation for your career as a future quant. "What's it actually like? The flexible structure of the programs allows for easy credit transfer. WU Exchange Program The flexible structure of the master in Strategy, Innovation and Management Control invites students to study abroad during their second year. RSM offers a host of specialised master programmes to meet your needs. Bank confirmation/financial statement: All US partner schools and some other overseas partners require proof of sufficient financial means to fund your exchange semester. Order Now. If you cancel your exchange without good cause, you are excluded from further participation in WU exchange programs in your current study cycle. K.Wu-3@tudelft.nl; Building 58 Van der Maasweg 9 2629 HZ DELFT The Netherlands Education, publications and secondary employment . If you complete your semester abroad in a non-EU country or if you are not an EU citizen, please familiarize yourself with your host country’s entry requirements in due time. In overseas, students have to complete the appropriate workload requirement of the partner university. English Chinese Spanish. During this exchange semester, SIMC students have the opportunity to attend courses that are usually not open to regular exchange students, such as business project courses that focus on further developing a startup with the help of the CSE Incubator at CBS. Green Way Research, Valley Spirit Center, Gushen Grove Notebooks, Vancouver, Washington. Read more. Motivational letter for all partner university preferences in English language (ca. Western Union International Bank GmbH, trading as Western Union International Bank is licensed by the Financial Markets Authority (Österreichische Finanzmarktaufsicht) in Austria. Export and Internationalization Management. Office Hours Academic Year Das Masterstudium Steuerrecht und Steuermanagement an der JKU ermöglicht dir eine Vertiefung in allen Bereichen des Steuerrechts auf höchstem Niveau. In this round, all criteria from the table above are taken into account. Know what all you Need for Admit, including Essays. In the WU Master’s Program in Quantitative Finance (QFin), you will gain strong financial and computational skills that will make you sought-after in the global finance sector. Credit transfer for courses completed during a semester abroad is only possible to a limited extent. The International Office cooperates with Housing Anywhere, a platform with housing offers by students for students. Recommendations are available for each master’s program. A COVID-19-related withdrawal does not entail any consequences. For nominated Outgoings, the so-called Alumni Hubs offer a unique additional networking opportunity for exchange students. Students can spend one semester at one of WU’s partner universities around the world through WU’s Exchange program. Our application deadlines for a stay abroad take place as usual. If you are not able to pick up documents at the International Office in person, you can authorize a person of your trust to do it for you. The Master Switch is accessible, informative, and very engaging. t: +43 1 313 36 5004 e: international@wu.ac.at w: www.wu.ac.at. Exchange Programs FAQ Information for Incoming Master Students Orientation Session 2020/21 Doctoral Program (Ph.D.) with integrated M.Sc. More information. Information about the event will be available soon on our Go Global website.

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