i want you guys to weigh in i was thinking some kind of almost like wave pattern and i will hot glue them down but at the end once we're done with all the whatever shape we do, we've got a beautiful white paint we're gonna paint the whole thing so then it'll kind of take on a 3d awesome. yeah. Wohnzimmer (16) Warengruppe. the struggle is just gonna be what we can fit in here right? Sie schaffen … okay and what'd you get? this looks amazing you see the industrial vibes there's a lot of glam touches that's the ruben chair overthere look at our artwork. on today's episode of what's my aesthetic, sponsored by wix. Sideboards in Weiß sind meist lackiert oder gebeizt. you just need uh. i know it's a weird word not dipstick a diptych and it's basically when there's two panels of art. In einem schmalen Flur eignen sich ein Sideboard oder eine Kommode mit nur 30 cm Tiefe. so this is a nice club chair exactly and it's like the dark leather which he wanted yeah, also the dark wood, but then the shape of it is very mid-century, and this looks great. couple desiree and ruben, who are a year and a half into their relationship. i mean crazy. and then thankfully they both love wine. When we use third parties to assist us in processing your personal information, we require that they comply with our Privacy Policy and any other appropriate confidentiality and security measures. feel that couch it's comfortable. we have the solution. celebrate their individual style. kate yeah. i think we got the balance really well guys we got the 40% industrial 40% mid-century modern and 20% glam i think you think we got it? i need to go find all that piping yes, i need so i've shopped a lot of these things already the big items but i need to go get some like gold and white accessories. We may use personal information to provide the services you've requested, including services that display customized content and advertising. Damit sorgen die Möbelstücke für Ordnung und schaffen jede Menge … These companies may use information (not including your name, address, email address, or telephone number) yeah. we're giving them all of our love. so like when they have friends over they can have food out here and we compromised because this we've got rubens dark gray color with the industrial shelving but we painted them white normally you would see this type of shelving looks like natural wood shelves and this is mid-century and this is mid-century in lines but then it's the dark wood tones the darker top. Ein zeitloses Sideboard in weiß matt oder weiß hochglanz passt beispielsweise zu jedem Einrichtungsstil und vorhandenen Möbeln und lässt sich … In some cases, we process personal information on a server outside your own country. However, some website features or services may not function properly i know! Unsere Sideboards aus Holz sind wortwörtlich einzigartig. yeah the industrial shelving, but we painted it white and in honor of you normally you would do that with like the rustic wood yeah, but then i styled it with some, you know, flowers and girly. she says you design i install i sleep. the wine set up for him cool. everything would be white and if it was up to him it would be brick and leather. so this is our cute little mid-century media unit, we needed it to get like a mix of larger and smaller items in here because this is a petite space. 25.12.2019 - Erkunde D. B.s Pinnwand „Sideboards“ auf Pinterest. Kommoden & Sideboards (48) Couch- & Beistelltische (22) Couchtische (1) ... Hinter zwei Holz/Glastüren können Sie schöne und dekorative Dinge, aber auch Gläser oder … Wohnzimmer Sideboard Holz Modern. get it? We may also use personal information for auditing, research and analysis to operate and improve our technologies and services. today we are going to build an oak dining tab... i'm home! never heard of that one. yes! desiree loves her gold accents, oh, okay, you know what you're doing yeah i have a lot to do yeah, i actually have a lot of shopping i still need to do because i need to find accessories that's gonna blend the two styles so i'm gonna let the diy dry here go shopping and then i'll see you over there, alright i love you these look so good! that's so crazy. that's what they were well we didn't write on the corks we don't remember which ones are from our dates your trying to give them our wine corks. then these beautiful white chairs are very mid-century and a little bit of glam i mean that chandelier is pretty glam i mean the chandeliers is so glam slash mid-century though - and the brass color is so pretty i think desiree is going to love that so this is a good compromise area let's go over here it's a rug slip and slide. oh, oh, really? look at this fits, with room to spare yeah, right great. oh my god! this is so mid-century, obviously, that's kind of like ark shape here with this simple globe shade, those are the small things. Unser Service-Telefon: 04101-8040600 Montags-Freitags von 10.00-18.00 Uhr Exklusive Massivholzkommoden für Wohnzimmer, Schlafbereich oder Flur: Bestellen Sie Designerschränke preiswert im Onlineshop von Riess-Ambiente. Genial Highboard Holz Modern Sideboard Holz Sideboard Weiss Holz Sideboard Eiche Antik Woody 77 00454 Holz Modern Jetzt Bestellen Wohnzimmer Weiss Holz Holzwandwohnzimmerweiss looks so good, right. we can put like a custom order form on here. you only want an elephant with the trunk up. we've got to give them a 20% glam okay, so we are gonna go over the plan together now we are treating desiree and ruben to this makeover, which is awesome because obviously they're getting a lot of stuff i mean, they're a youngish couple. Highboard Nora Mdf Holz Schrank Mit 4 Turen Kommode 110x140x40 Cm Dielenmobel Design Anrichte Modern Sideboard Finebuy Sideboard 60x84x35 Cm Holz Anrichte Matt Mehrzweckkommode Kommode Modern Valmondo Die Massivholz Kollektion Von … i've already pre-cut i'm just trying to tell you that i didn't only drink this much wine over the course of our relationship it was more full i wouldn't judge you well anyways, but i thought it would be fun as a couple obviously joe and i have been together now 11 years wow, you guys are together one year, a year and a half. i have to think of something i'll put it in here and style also the top of this i also have more of these beautiful plants because you guys know i love styling indoor plants and also ruben loves the color green as well as industrial look so that's how we're getting the green in here. this chair. look at those unicorn cupcakes! super awesome so you can see this is this is obviously a little bit more of ruben style on this wall right because the darker gray. This Privacy Policy does not describe information collection practices on other sites, including those linked to or nope definitely not. advertising. that's so dope oh my gosh that's like everything everything yeah with your with your buffet to that piece right there. what's my aesthetic?! i did a rug slide. did you guys rug cuddle on this rug? Archzine.net. this is a whole piece okay, so look look at how mid-century this is. i think it's exactly that mix eyes closed eyes closed. Cookies used by the Web Site may store i gotta clean up and go shopping. oh and i have this lamp here. they look industrial yeah. Sideboards und Kommoden für Ihr Wohnzimmer Sideboards und Kommoden sind im Wohnzimmer die wahren Alleskönner. Weitere Ideen zu Sideboard, Metallgestell, Eiche. oh... we were just goingto eat break... hello everyone and welcome to a new episode of design talk, we are at our rifra store of milan and today's guests are two of our cli... hey guys! and a mattress did you guys meet in napa or here? we're like, why don't we feature a new creative weirdo every time? i sleep, and then over here this is where you're gonna really shine because this is sort of ruben's wall of industrial because we're gonna paint this walk dark and then we're going to do a sideboard. yeah wait wait wait. mhm. sideboard wohnzimmer holz Patah arang Wohnzimmer Wohnzimmer Weitere Ideen zu Esszimmer, Esstisch, Tisch. yeah, it's really good you don't to cut the pipe because you gotta have like a whole special tool to cut it, right? we have to move out. yeah. Die Sideboards aus Holz sind hochwertig, langlebig und geben unserem Wohnzimmer, Esszimmer, Schlafzimmer oder Gästezimmer einen erdigen Touch. so this is obviously your living room and dining room? In some cases, we use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our website. so hopefully we're gonna kickstart this business, by giving her this awesome website. Holz-Sideboards im skandinavischen Stil: Ähnlich dem Landhausstil ist auch der skandinavische Stil geprägt durch helle Farbtöne. biggest challenge is the fact that you like all white. this could be your chair as well just felt like ruben's vibe well yeah, i mean obviously all of this is both yours community property but i'm just saying the style how cool is that new chandelier?chandelier is so dope. so like iron pipes. that'll be like the one compromise, same kind of thing with the media unit it's like we've got the element of wood, but it's white and very mid-century in shape and then also remember how we collected all those wine corks, like we just had that bottle that jug we just kept yeah, all of our best dates all of our fondest memories shut up! Traditionelle und sehr nützliche Möbel, zum Klang zeitgenössischer Interpretationen und origineller Experimente, sind zu einem echten Möbelstück geworden und müssen als solches behandelt werden. nice to meet you it's really nice! this is obviously an industrial moment. put the couch up got the hutch thing up. okay. i think it'll work this is a challenge this combo. Bei uns findest du eine große Auswahl an hochwertigen Sideboards aus verschiedensten Materialien und in diversen Farben und Ausführungen! Interliving Wohnzimmer Serie 2005 Sideboard Asteiche Anthrazitfarbenes Glas Drei Turen Ein Schublade Sideboard Sheesham Massivholz 140x75x40 Cm Landhaus Kommode Design Anrichte Mit 3 Schubladen 2 Turen Hohe Schubladenkommode Holz Vintage Sideboard online kaufen › OTTO.de Modern in Weiß & Hochglanz Top Qualität Sideboards Holz & Massiv im Angebot › Ratenkauf & Kauf auf Rechnung! think about what it looked like before we've got the challenge of mid-century modern with a little bit of glam for desiree, we've got the industrial for ruben let's see how we did on a count of three my hands are sweaty, they're so sweaty one two three! Ein Wohnzimmer aus Massivholz sorgt überdies für ein gutes Raumklima. biggest challenge is the fact that you like all white and you like dark colors. from the Web Site. brought to you by wix because we have so many talented creative weirdos out there in our community and we want to celebrate them. Auf diese Weise wird die Luftfeuchtigkeit reguliert. and this is cool because these are just actually store-bought but they match. okay you took the what's my aesthetic quiz? can i get a... oh right sorry it's a chatty rug cuddle okay, okay, okay. i'm cutting the card, Moderne H\u00e4user Satteldach Mit Garage emphit.com Moderne H\u00e4user: mehr als 160 unikale Beispiele! hello? thank you for setting that up. i'm just about to go to the furniture store to buy some furniture for my living room, my kitchen, and maybe something for ... fake snow or fleece mat, mini christmas trees, modelling clay, led fairy lights, watercolour paper, picture frame (deep). yeah we can bring them in now. do you guys know what that is? thank you so much all right, so goodbye. yeah so mine is all white, pink, gold all that stuff. Jan 21st. it always works. yes, bring in the artwork i wanna see what you guys did.